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Who is Beck?

Who is Beck? Well, beautiful people - that’s the existential question I am trying to work out. At present by definition I am a 25 year old girl from Liverpool, England. I share the knowledge of yoga and have done for the past 3 years, having completed 4 courses in this time and gathering 1200 hours of qualified teacher training., including Ashtanga, Prana Vashya (currently training), Raja and childrens Yoga. Yoga is beyond my passion, yoga is beyond my life, yoga is all of my lifetimes, for me yoga is the missing link in all of our lives. To the best of my ability I embody the science that is yoga I am however still human, I recognise the challenges that we face on a daily basis and for as much as we would all love to sit on a mountain and meditate and be enlightened, we must to adapt to and accept our environment. The asana and pranayama classes which I teach are centered very much around removing any emotional or energetical blockages via moving our physical body, via connecting our breath, our energy, our life force – establishing the union between ones own consciousness and the universal consciousness – for that is the definition of yoga. I use the tag line, open mind – open body. As they are one and the same, there is no matter without thought, no body without mind, no mind without soul. As I share what knowledge I have remembered I hope to inspire you to move deep inside of yourself, deep inside of ourselves, and use your body in the way which it was designed to be used, to help you to evolve and grow, to assist you in understanding yourself, in understanding the universe in understanding life. In understanding that we are all a collective, that there is no me without you, there is no them without us. That you are more than you could ever begin to imagine, and that your time on the mat is so much more than a physical exercise. So who is Beck, I am just another you – here to remind you about the practice of yoga and the importance of it in your life. I hope you find some inspiration here.


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900 Hours in Raja Yoga


Children's yoga



200 hours in Ashtanga Vinyasa


200 hours