Indian Diaries – Plane Journey

In my previous trip to India I have not really documented my experience, for various reasons really.  The main one being that it is nice to be away from my phone and technology.  Now however I feel drawn to sharing my time here, I don’t know how regular the updates will be, I will try to do at least weekly.  To try and give you an insight into Indian life and teacher training.

I must admit, I have been a little bit apprehensive about coming this time around – I don’t know if I am getting a little less carefree as I add more years to my age or maybe just a little more settled at home so less of a burning desire to leave.  It is probably that I am more aware of what I am doing, when I first left home for Australia, it had not really occurred to me that I was travelling alone to the opposite side of the world.  I was a strange kid.   Whatever it may be – it felt different leaving this time.  A little bit held back.  A magical happening occurs though when I step on a plane, suddenly any troubles fall away – the feeling of excitement inside of my chest is comparable to nothing, its more so enhanced when I am on my own, me myself and eye are about to embark on some self healing.  I love people, though I’m a sucker for solitude.   

As I look out the window I always start pondering about the materials the make up the aeroplane, and what would happen if the window suddenly smashed.  Would I be sucked into the abyss? What a way to go.  Due to my current reading material of the periodic table, I had a deeper respect for aluminium and its dharma in taking me to India. 

There was a guy sat beside me, he had a really beautiful energy, was very calming and I felt like he was looking after me without actually saying anything at all – strange thing to think that probably, not if you’re Beck.  Normally I wince if somebody so much as strokes my arm when they are beside me, I will do a very dramatic movement to emphasis the fact that I didn’t like that I was touched whether it be accidently due to our small two seated home for the next 8 hours.  This time however, our arms were touching, not like in a weird way, in a comforting sort of way.  Don’t really know why I am sharing that.  It feels relevant to the story.  He asked if it was okay if he ate chicken because he heard I was vegan – I said it was fine (it wasn’t fine). When we got off he looked at me and smiled and said ‘have a nice trip’.  Those two sentences were the full extent of our verbal communication.  So many people we encounter in life, so many faces we see.  If I hadn’t taken the time out to document that guy I wonder would I ever remember him and our delicate arm touching. 

Enough of that weirdness.

That was plane ride one, comforting arm touching and aluminium appreciation.

I was in Muscat for all of 1 hour and quickly onto plane ride number two,  I had another male companion beside me – we didn’t connect so well, he looked pissed when I put my feet on the spare seat between us and he ate his chicken without apology, but hey – you cant expect everyone to be the perfect plane companion.  I wrote a poem while I was on the plane, called what if your life started with once upon a time.  Ill share it soon.  I ate idli – a common Indian breakfast of steamed rice.  There is no better plane food than Indian plane food. Yum. It was much appreciated since I had forgotten to order a vegan meal on the previous flight so hadn’t eaten. 

The journey seemed to get over pretty quick.  I listened to some music, read eternal sunshine. 

I normally fly into Mumbai but this time I flew into Bangalore- it felt much more chilled than Mumbai.  The moment I stepped off the plane my nose was in love with all of the smells, I often feel that I lived in India in a past life, all my apprehension was immediately washed away, comfort swept over my body I was like ‘ah home’.  I knew I was in the right place and had made the right decision. I picked up my bag and headed outside to find Ram my driver to Mysore. 

Note * Ram has just informed me it’s a three hour car journey to Mysore – hurray for me. *

Ram was there right outside the door with my name in big bold writing.  He remembered me from last year which instantly made me feel relaxed.  I didn’t remember him, I pretended to – do not want to upset Ram.

Now we are just driving along the roads of Bangalore, which by comparison to most Indian roads, seems pretty quiet.  As I look out the window we pass many motor cycle riders with a minimum of three people on them, many rickshaws (they are green and yellow in Bangalore) and everyone is beeping their horn for no reason. 

Note * I think we were just on an empty road we have now hit the standard traffic, the beeps are increasing. *

The sun is shining on my face, the air smells like good food and a little like cow poop. 

India – I’m glad to be back <3