What is love? What are the immediate thoughts that flood your mind when asked this question?

Let me offer you this answer: Love is everything.

Love is oxygen for the soul, without it we will literally suffocate.

I remember writing something when I was about 17 – I guess it was an unpublished blog post.  It was about love – and my disbelief in it.

How sad.

We have moved on since then. (me and my heart)

Each time I have attempted to write this, I wished to share the story behind how I came to accept this truth. It was turning out to be an auto-biography – as it has pretty much taken me all my humble short 25 years to accept. Or to remember the meaning of life.  How blessed I am to have remembered so early.

3 years back, my friend Michelle told me ‘Rebecca the meaning of life is love’.  I said, ‘no Michelle you think that the meaning of life is love.’

My understanding was different then.  I was different then.

I have I suppose always had a misunderstanding of love, who hasn’t though? If I was to ask what is love, to a wide variety of people across the globe there is not a doubt in my mind that I would have pages of different descriptions, in attempt to give meaning to this power felt by so many.  We are limited by the English language in that we use the word love to describe so many things.  Personally I ‘fall in love’ once a week, it is draining I must say.  We each have different understandings of the word love.  It has so many uses that it takes away from the word. That was probably my initial problem when I had this conversation first with Michelle, I had a certain perception of love.  I want you to forget about the word though, forget about any limitations you feel you have by way of expressing yourself.  If I asked you rather than what is love? Can you remember when you have felt love, embody that feeling right now!

It is everything, right?

This this year, I was suffering with a pain in my chest – not like a heart attack pain, more of a spiritual pain manifesting itself in a breath taking, immobilising manner.  It has been experienced throughout my life, I think this year I just became more aware of it, with becoming more self aware, it seemed to stop me in my tracks and zap all the oxygen from my lungs, often it would be followed by tears.  With this came a certain feeling of emptiness, and a struggle for knowing what is the point of it all. They call it anxiety I think, in the medical realms.  We ain’t down with the medical lingo though.

I carried with me an empty feeling for a long time, on a day to day functioning I was fine, by observance of the normal eye.  I was just lost, I would be walking through what felt like bizarre meaningless time warp.  Like my feet were moving but was I going anywhere?  I had moved into this beautiful world of yoga and I had what felt like the most blessed life, where was this coming from? There was an element of guilt I feel.  I felt like everywhere I looked I saw only sadness. Some people would call me an empath, again something I have only really begun to understand this year.  We empaths, feel the sadness of others very deeply, it is a feeling sort of like wanting to give the whole world a hug.  Many people say it is a burden.  I do not feel that it is a burden for I feel that it has helped me to understand the world and to understand people.  Though it also brought confusion.  I see heartbreak and loss, I see pain and suffering, I see homelessness and war, I see so much injustice, I see hurt – in so many human’s eyes, what I see most of all is this same empty feeling in me, I recognise it in other people.  I know that, we are all a little lost.

Does this happen to you? Take this empath test : I found doing it quite insightful ❤️

Why is there so much pain and hate in the world? You must have heard this theory that ‘there is no cold, only absence of heat.  In the same way, ‘there is no hate, only absence of love.’ We are absent of love, disconnected from our hearts.

Something happened to me a couple of months ago, I was walking through this alleyway, on my way to the Yoga Studio, I always walk through the same alleyway – it smells like wee, it has lots of litter and I get a sense that somebody has died in there. quite a magical setting.  On this fine day as I was walking through this scenic, sense satisfying alley way – I was listening to this album and having the general existential thoughts that I have on a regular basis and suddenly I got this feeling in my chest, it wasn’t the pain. I stopped mid walking feeling this warm feeling across my chest – my heart was opening.  I got a huge smile on my face, my best point of reference would be when I have been romantically in love, except that – there was nobody else, only me and the wee smelling alleyway. Every cell in my body was happy, the emptiness left – I was full.

When I arrived at the studio, my friend said to me ‘my god you are very cheery today’ I replied, ‘I think I might be enlightened’.  That was of course a joke, though there was some insight.

This state has not remained constant, though I understand now that when the pain is there and not the warmth, my heart is communicating with me to tell me something isn’t right.  I speak with my heart regularly and I seek the answers that she is giving me.

So what is falling in love all about then? I often think when we have these experiences of being ‘in love’ is that they are merely an insight into how fantastic we can feel, what we do is assume that it is this person that has given us this feeling and not that actually we have tapped into our true being.

I still do feel the pain of others and I still see so much sadness in the world. I still experience hurt in my heart. I would not be human if I did not.

We cannot give everybody a hug, we cannot always make every human being experience warmth in their chest .

What I have realised that we can do, is live in love.  That when there are hurt people send them love, radiate love in the best way that we can. That is why I teach yoga you see …

Let our hearts be open. Let the message of love be spread.

It may all seem a little cliché and maybe not practical. It is though, when you start to speak from your heart, when you act from your heart, when you live from your heart – all that you will manifest will be for the greater good, it is a universal law.


See when you begin to literally project love from your heart, you create an electromagnetic field around you, this will be felt by other people, this will influence other people, others will feel the love from you. You can read more about this here

I was told recently that our hearts are sometimes stupid, I disagreed, our hearts are the most intelligent things that we have, it is our minds that often lack the required knowledge to get through life.  When we become disconnected, we lack empathy, our intuition is not clear, compassion is lacking in our lives. Our hearts, they know all that there is to know.  Only we are not listening.

Reconnect with yourself, though we must remember that our true being is love, as we see so often, it starts with you.  The love of self.  This is the love that radiates powerfully. Fill your vessel first so that you may fill the cups of many others.

I do not know where you will be when you read this, or in which way you will perceive it, what I do know is that this message has come to you for a reason – to make you think and to reconnect with the love inside of yourself.  I hope that maybe your heart will hear my heart, just like Michelle spoke to my heart that day.  I hope that you can learn the power in not only offering others a smile but in offering a smile to yourself.

Lose some weight from your heart, may it be like a feather.

Yours truly,


PS, please listen to the song <3

Love is like that emotional spiritual thing inside that you cant define.

From afar it looks like a danger sign but as you get closer its almost like you’re looking into angels eyes.

Because they make you forget about everything that ever hurt you and the pain inside.

And smile as bright as the sunshine even though it may rain at times.

Love is sacred and love is sanctified.

It is what bought peace to the world in ancient times.

Love is the same energy that created the universe and paints the sky.

Love is the reason that birds sing at night and angels fly.

Love is intellectual conversations that make our brain collide.

Love can really make you go insane at times.

Love  is the thing inside that makes anger die.

Love told me to love myself and then I became sublime.

Love even gave life to Frankenstein. 

Love just cant be explained at times.

Love is this and every thing that I cant describe.

Love is everything.

Everything is love.




Indian Diaries: Sometimes small talk can be big talk.

Since arriving here, I have been a bit of a recluse.  Intentionally.  I think. 

I have not had a full conversation with anybody. Anybody who has tried, has received a friendly but short reply. 

I am not really into small talk.

I haven’t even called my mum (sorry mum). *I have now*

That was until I met John.

Just to clear up here, John is old enough to be my dad, this is merely a friendly interaction.

John sparked a conversation from me via his somewhat manc union sounding accent. (for anybody not from England, this is a specific accent from Manchester – a ‘rival’ city of Liverpool).

‘Where are you from’ Said I.

‘A village’ said John.

‘A village?’ I repeated, confused.
‘Yeah, a village’ – said John

‘Where are you fr.. ?’ John stopped mid sentence.  ‘Oh I know where you’re from’

we’re not brought up to like each other us two are we’ continued John.

‘I don’t believe we are.’ I replied.

This was all said in jest of course.

‘me dad is from Liverpool like so I reckon I’m a bit of a scouser’

I smiled.

No I’m serious like’ said John.

That was our first conversation, John and I have had a few small conversations since this first meeting.

Today I was sat having my dinner.

I heard John, he was trying to order a chai with ginger in it.

John to the Indian staff – Ragoo who barely speaks any English.

‘can I av a cupa tha chai tea please wi ginger init’

Ragoo was clearly confused.

John ‘yeno that chai bu wi a birra ginger in it’

Ragoo, still confused ‘ginger lemon honey?’

It went on like this for a while until they made the order.

John walks in.

John gave me an eye roll, so did Ragoo.

This made me smile.

He looked at me a couple of times then said ‘oh you are the girl from Liverpool, you look different with your hair down.’

‘I listened to that, ‘you’ll never walk alone’ this morning’, – makes me cry, not every time like’ John shared.

The conversation continued and John told me about his children.

He stopped and said ‘what about you, have you got any kids?

I replied in defence ‘no I am only 25’

‘I suppose that is quite young like’. though John addressed that I could quite easily mathematically have several children. 

Basically, John makes random funny statements.

Or john makes random statements that come out funny.

He was talking to me today about teas that can aid in sleep.

‘you can get tulsi and velerium apparently’

Then he repeats ‘velerium, is it velerium?’

John looks to me for some clarity.

I replied ‘Valium?’

‘Tulsi and Valium tea’

Then we both laughed a lot.

*still not sure what the tea is he was referring to*

Two other Indian girls came into the room, john introduced them to me and then as he went to introduce me to them, we suddenly realised we had not exchanged names.

‘what is your name ?’ he said

‘Rebecca’ I replied. ‘What’s yours?’


I told john later in the conversation, ‘you know John – I haven’t had this much of a lengthy conversation with anybody since arriving here.’  Note: john and i’s conversation was not especially lengthy either.  I told him, ‘I cannot work out if I am antisocial or shy.’

He said, ‘probably just a bi of a introvert’.

John continued, ‘I’m a bi of an introvert sometimes, though, when you meet new people you play a role don’t ya.  I always set this role of talking a lot and being funny, and after a while I think – effing hell how do I get out of this role?’

He said ‘sometimes though I just spend that much time alone that I really don’t want to talk to anyone’.  

I said to John, ‘I know what you mean, though I was only thinking today that I haven’t laughed since I arrived here, and I just did.’

‘that’s got to be a good thing then hasn’t it’ John replied.

John made me laugh and sparked a thought in my mind of how we all chose to take on certain roles in life, that can be difficult to come out of.  

Sometimes small talk can be big talk.

Food for thought …

How many times have you laughed today?

How many roles have you taken on that you would like to move out of?

Reflect on this <3

Poetry: A World Without Words

A World Without Words.

A world where mouths stay closed, opened only for eating,

Eye contact only, in your works meeting,

Saying I love you with the wink of an eye,

Hugging and kissing to say goodbye,

A touch from your hands to show your affection,

Telepathically speaking with your reflection,

Fine-tuned communication,

Through frequencies and waves,

Naturally attracting, those on the same page,

A world without words, where your actions define you,

A world without words, where frequencies surround you,

No misunderstanding, of ‘what do you mean?’

Only moving through life in some higher consciousness dream.

Self Love Practices

Self Love Practices.

In life, I have spent a lot of time hating myself, and when I say hating I truly mean hating.

Me, myself and I have had a very turbulent relationship.

We have said horrible and hurtful things to each other, we have not treated our self with respect, we have not known love.

Don’t feel bad for me, we cool now.

This will be an ongoing theme in my posts and blogs, the main reason being – I know that I am not alone in this.  I am after all, another you.  I recognise this trait in so many people, I see this lack of love for oneself.  Right now, I will not divulge too deeply into the ins and outs of this, I will just say that I am growing now and my main passion in life is to help you to do the same.

To recognise your true beauty, your true SELF, to recognise that you are love itself.

The journey isn’t all that easy darlings, but it is much much easier that waking up and feeling uncomfortable in your own skin every single day.  What I have found is there are a hell of a lot of statements telling you to love yourself, nothing though is teaching us how.

That is all I will say for now, below I am sharing some self-love practices that I personally use, think of it as relationship counselling with yourself. 

Enjoy the journey <3

Ten self love practices:

1.       Start practicing yoga.  You all knew I was going to say that right?  Yoga is without a doubt in my mind the biggest catalyst for self-love, self-healing and a raise in consciousness.  Yoga is about transformation, about really getting to know yourself.  Honestly this is one of those things that it doesn’t matter how much I tell you the benefits, it will not be until you truly experience it in your own practice that it will all begin to make sense.  Every single class is a journey, even the classes you hate, every single practice is a journey, even the ones you skip.  Yoga works on so many levels, when we talk about the physical practices, it enables you to recognise your bodies abilities and your minds abilities to help you get there.  The biggest thing yoga gives you, in what-ever way you chose to practice it, is a connection with the self – once you make this connection, you cannot help but to love your magical little self.

2.       Go vegan.  Okay you all knew I was going to say that too right? Seriously though, cut out meat – it is fuelled with so much negativity that it is only going to inflict negativity onto your own body and mind.  This is a process, let us just start for now with eat more vegetables, eat more fruits.  Do some research into plant based diets, slowly start to make the transformation. Fruits and vegetables are filled with natural mood enhancers      

3. Read. Read. Read.  Read books, read articles, read blogs, keep your mind focused on positive things.  Read books that are going to expand your mind. Educate yourself to be more empowered. 

4.       Dance.  Put music on in your room and just dance, learn to express yourself.  If you are anything like me this expression of oneself will be behind closed doors, one day I will take it outside though.  Dancing is a movement and especially when you do it in your room you have no pressures around you of how you are supposed to look or following a routine.  Throw in a bit of singing too.


5.       Stop going out with boys/girls that are mean to you.  I am not really down with the ‘nobody can love you until you love yourself’.  I think this is quite detrimental to oneself.  It makes sense yes, I understand where the concept is coming from but let us just forget about that.  It is not your fault if a partner is not nice to you, that just where that person is at.  It is your responsibility however to recognise that this person is not enhancing your life and you need to move on.  Cut the opposite sex out for a while, it will not kill you. I am speaking to the singles here – they my homies. If you are in a relationship the same applies, try not to be dependent upon your partner. Which brings me to my next point.

6.       Do things alone, go the cinema, go to India, go the park, go in the next room.  Go where ever you need to go to have a little bit of solitude, quite often the emotions we are feeling are not even our own but created by the energies of those around us.  Have a little me time.

7.       Journal.  Write.  Honestly it does not matter what you are writing, just write.  Get a diary, write as soon as you wake up or before you go to bed.  You will start to understand yourself more through this practice.

8.       Mirror talks.  Look in the mirror and just say nice things to yourself, this is probably one of the hardest.  I often go between ‘you are so beautiful’ and ‘no you are not beck why the eff are you doing this’, and then I repeat it again, until eventually normally I just laugh at myself, which is a form of love right?

9.       Smile more.  I have never been a big smiler, in fact if you know me well I still don’t think I really am, I am working on it though.  I remember when I first ever taught a yoga class, and seeing everybody’s smiling faces looking at me was honestly one of the most magical moments in my life.  There is not one person in the world who does not look better when they are truly smiling from the heart, your smile is an extension of your soul, so when you smile it is your soul that people see, not your teeth or the way your nose looks weird. 

10.   What to write for ten, be easy with yourself beautiful people.  Sleep more, do more things that you enjoy.  Try to not put too much pressure onto yourself, I have to repeat that – do not put pressure onto yourself.  Avoid stress, where possible.  Like I said it’s a process, if one day you wake up and you think ‘okay I don’t love myself today’ (or some negative thoughts) do one of the practices, one of my favourites is to just close my eyes and smile for five minutes.  Create a positive environment for yourself I know it seems so cliché but it is true, unfollow anybody who is not having a positive impact in your life, both on social media and in real life, stop watching TV, as I am writing point number ten so many more things are coming to me! I think though this will summarise, stop doing things that don’t make you feel good about yourself.  This doesn’t mean to say that for every waking moment of your life you are going to feel amazing, there will be ups and downs, create an environment where there are more ups than downs. 

 Work hard at your relationship with yourself. Be gentle. Be kind. Forgive yourself. You are beautiful. You are love.  Do yoga 😉

Poetry: If your life story started with once upon a time . . .

If your life story started with once upon a time,

would you go back to the start and rewrite the first line,

Which parts of your life would remain the same,

What dramas would you erase under your name?

If your life was a fairy-tale narrated by you,

Would you be Cinderella, would you find your missing shoe?

What captivating title would you give to each chapter,

Would you write in a happily ever after?

Would your prince charming ride in on a white horse?

Or collide with you instantly with a message from source?

Tell me would you write about all the nights you have cried?

About the overcome battles between you and your mind?

How many times would you be heart-broken?

In your own story, would your heart always be open.

Maybe you would write it with only good times,

Laughter and smiles though, don’t always make for good rhymes,

Your life is your story – your fairy-tale book,

You can be Peter, or you can be hook,

You can write yourself as the beautiful princess,

Or you can forever choose to be – the Damsel in Distress,

You are the Author, the story is entirely your choice,

You are the main character – your soul is the narrators voice.

So, if your life story started with once upon a time – tell me, would you go back to the start and rewrite the first line?