Book Review: The Hidden Messages in Water

The Hidden Messages in Water a review.

Understanding the fact that we are essentially water is the key to uncovering the mysteries of the universe’

I am forever being asked for book recommendations, this will be now my first book of recommendation.  It made my heart very happy.  You will never look at water in the same way.  Hydration has taken a whole new definition.

Masaru Emoto, the author, is a Japanese scientist who has discovered that water molecules are affected by our thoughts, words and feelings.  What Dr Emoto has done is taken photographs of water crystals after being shown different words, played music, he has also taken various types of water from sacred places, basic tap water in cities etc.  There are a vast array of photographs and fascinating crystal formations.  Water is the most abundant substance in our bodies, thus this is essentially photographic evidence of the effects of thoughts words and feelings on ourselves.

‘all things vibrate, and they vibrate at their own frequencies.  When you understand this then you will significantly broaden your understanding of the universe’

At the beginning of the year a friend recommended that I start drinking my water out of a glass container, under the premise of ‘try it see how much nicer it tastes’.  I can understand things much better through experience.  I did, and it did taste nicer.  After reading this book, I now keep a rose quartz crystal inside of my water and I place the glass jar on top of one of the crystal formations in the book, the one that was formed after being shown the words ‘love and gratitude’.  Even if the picture and the crystal is having no impact on the water, just the fact that I am thinking that it will is going to start changing its structure.  I have never appreciated water more in my life, and being a water sign – I have always had a deep love for water.  I feel relaxed when I am close to water, and somewhat claustrophobic when I am not.

“What I am actually trying to say is that when you drink water with a feeling of gratitude,

the waters itself is physically different than when you drink the water with clouded feelings in your soul.

Our emotions and feelings have an effect on the world movement by movement.

If you send out words and images of creativity, then you will be contributing to the creation of a beautiful world.

However emitting messages of destruction, you contribute to the destruction of the universe.

If you become aware of this, you will not longer be able to speak words of anger to those around you or blame others for your own mistakes and weaknesses.

You have the capacity to change the world within a moment.

All you must do is make a simple choice.  Are you going to choose a world of love and gratitude of a world filled with discontent and impoverishment?”

My first true appreciation for water and its impact on my physical body was when I was completing my first TTC in Mumbai, it ended in April which is a ridiculously hot time in India sometimes reaching 40+ degrees and we were practicing yoga for ¾ hours a day.  With this obviously comes a lot of sweating.  I went through this weird time, where I was constantly exhausted, I felt strangely emotional, just wanted to cry all the time, with no reason, my joints were aching, and everything felt like such an effort.  I went to my teacher and told him about the joint pain his reply: ‘Rebecca you are dehydrated’.  This had me thinking: What does it really mean to be dehydrated? If it was impacting not only my physical body but also my emotional state? From that day I was never without a bottle of water in my hand, I must have been drinking around 6 litres of water a day, and my energy changed completely.  I had a deeper appreciation for this magical fluid from that day.

Like everything in life, we forget the importance of things.  When we have something in abundance, when something is just a daily part of our lives, whether that be food, our parents, our partners or our water – we forget to appreciate it, we forget to extend love, to extend gratitude, we forget how magical it is, we forget its life-giving abilities.

This book will help you to remember.  I smiled the whole way through reading it.

An interesting observation I have made too, I am currently completing another teacher training course in India, and have nowhere near the same requirement for intake of water.  I guess, quality is better than quantity.  I am hydrated, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Next big consciousness thing: Is your soul hydrated through?

Many self-help/ spiritual books, make many statements but unless you have experienced the message that they are trying to give it can be hard to understand.  Dr Emoto provides us with clear photographic evidence of the power and existence of our consciousness and the ability of vibrations to change the world.

‘I wanted as many people as possible to hear the message that water has for us’ – just trying to help my Japanese brother out with this review.

In short – it will make your heart happy, happy reading, happy hydration. <3

You can buy the book here.