ABHYASA: Empower, Evolve, Enlighten

What is abhyasa? The new concept coming to Liverpool Yoga Studios.  Abhyasa is a concept consisting of three sequences.  The term Abhyasa (pronounced ab-yA-sa) translates to ‘Practice’ and refers to a practice that aims at achieving a tranquil state of mind. Sage Patanjali, in his Yoga Sutras, explains the importance of abhyasa and vairagya (detachment/letting go) to achieving a yogic state of mind.  Abhyasa refers to a practice that is done consistently, with effort over a long period of time, with no expectation only consistent practice.  It is seen as one of the core principles of yoga, that allows for the realisation of true self.

As I move into my fourth year of teaching this year and reflect upon how yoga has enhanced my life and how I have seen students grow in their life, it is beyond magnificent to see what we both have achieved and what people are doing worldwide by stepping onto their mats every day.  When I thought about what stood out to me as a leading influence into my own and others growth, it was simple – PRACTICE, consistent practice.  This combined with observation and study of oneself, is where Abhyasa was born.

This concept can be applied to both spiritual and all your life practices.  We each have different reasons as to why we step on our mat, and flow through the movement that is asana practice.  Though at is very core, asanas / the physical practice of yoga was practiced to create space and mobility in your body to enable you to sit in meditation for a long period of time.  Over the years this physical practice has become popularised and became very dynamic.  We want to bring to you a disciplined, yet accessible practice.  When we think of the term discipline it can often be considered a harsh word though I invite you to think of it like this.  Think about brushing your teeth every single morning when you wake up, you wouldn’t dream of leaving the house/ starting your day with out brushing your teeth.  You do this because you know it maintains good oral health.  In the same way, a regular yoga practice done consistently and with the same effort will be done to maintain your overall, mental physical and spiritual well-being.  How your teeth will become cleaner each time you brush them, so your lungs, circulatory system, digestive system, thought process, body systems and soul will become cleaner each time you practice.

We have created an individualised practice, deeply rooted in the ancient teachings of Yoga with a sequence that though challenging can be adapted to all abilities and allows for room for growth.  The intention is to allow you to begin to feel what your body and mind are telling you, to use your breath to move through those feelings, to be with those feelings and allow tensions to begin to release, to evolve, to become empowered, to enlighten yourself!   Through true focus onto your breath and synchronisation with your movement, the practice encourages you to go completely within and become your own teacher.

Abhyasa is inclusive of three sequences, empower, evolve and enlighten.  Each of the three sequences compliment one another and will massively compliment all other yoga, fitness and lifestyle practices.  These sequences combined will work with all your body systems, providing you with a more efficient working body and a better quality of life.


Evolve: ‘to change or develop gradually’ Evolve is a deeply satisfying class, including both dynamic movement and yin inspired postures, to enable stress release and letting go.  Evolve wants you to move through the tensions in your body.  Lots of deep stretches and back opening postures. After the initial warm up evolve will be taught in a workshop style working with techniques of how to move into postures that may require a more in-depth explanation or different variations dependent upon experience. Break the posture to make the posture.

Empower : ‘make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights’ Empower is a strength-based class, the physical focus will be onto building more strength in the body, whilst also building strength in our minds.  We will learn strength in our postures through proper use of muscle groups and control.  Our minds focus will enable us to build the strength required to maintain the postures.

Enlighten: ‘become enlightened’ The enlighten sequence is where it all comes together.  Enlightens focus is breath synchronised movement, concentration and focus.  A dynamic class based on building strength and flexibility in the body whilst also using the breath to maintain concentration, so it becomes a meditative movement that is healing our body from the inside out.  Enlighten is very much inspired by traditional yogic practices, it is disciplined taking you on a journey through movements on your mat, to bring a more enlightened state of being off your mat.

I am beyond excited to share this with you!


See you on the mat!

Beck xxx

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