Back to Basics with Beck: Online Beginners Yoga Course

Ready to start your yoga journey?

Have you been desperate to start yoga but just can’t get to a studio or class? Over the four years that I have been teaching I am always asked: ‘do you do anything online?’ and for those four years I have promised multiple people that ‘not just yet but I definitely will’.

At last that time has come. My mind used to take me in the direction where I thought an online class wouldn’t be as beneficial. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to give the students as much attention and 1:1 contact and interaction. This combined with the number of people who would say to me ‘I wish I could get to your classes but I can’t for (insert reason) led me a bit of a conflict. How can I share yoga with people who can’t make it to class but still provide my full attention and 1:1 contact? From this the course was born. I wanted to create a platform where yoga is accessible to every single person, with proper guidance and mentorship from me throughout.

How will it work?

The course is a duration of 4 weeks. Once signed up, I will add you to a private facebook group, where all videos and info about the course will be uploaded. The group will of course have all of the other members so you can interact and ask questions to each other and me. One of my favourite things about yoga is the community of friends that I have met, this group will become our online studio, where we can interact and discuss yoga related things with our new likeminded friends !

The content:

The videos will begin with a 15 minute sequence in week one, a 30 minute sequence in week two, a 45 minute sequence in week three and a 60 minute sequence in week four. Progressively working you up to and hour long practice but also giving you the options of shorter sequences.

The videos will be uploaded of a Sunday in preparation for Monday, there will be guidance as to what time and how often to do the sequence.

Additional content:

I will also share without things that have helped me on my yoga journey, recipes, detox tips, ideas and books to read. I will also share breathing and relaxation techniques and the philosophy behind yoga.

My support:

You each will have my constant support throughout, I will be available for scheduled calls if you wish to chat and also available to answer any of your questions at any time throughout the course, this way I hope to ensure you have my full support and guidance throughout. If there are parts of the sequence or particular postures you are not understanding I will make separate videos to specifically explain that part and clear up any confusion.

Cost and Date start:

The course is £44 but the first 30 sign ups will get the course at 25%off which is £33

The course begins the first Monday in June: June 3rd – June 28th

I will upload the first video on June the 2nd.

How do I sign up?

If you want to sign up send me an email on:

Or a message via facebook : Beckyoga 


Hope to see you on the mat soon!

Keep on healing,


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