I am not my selfie is a campaign, a movement to encourage and promote a love of self. 

In todays society with growing advancements in technology and our whole lives being shown on social media, there is a growing selfie culture.  A growing need to show the world how beautiful we are looking.  Media and capitalism has created unrealistic idealistic image of people that the worlds young people are trying to meet.  We are judged on the thickness of our eyebrows and the thinness of our waist.  Don’t have thick eyebrows and a thin waist? Don’t worry – there will be an app that will give you what ever features you desire.  This is not a movement against selfies this is a movement towards revealing your true self. 

Who are you behind the self? Who is the real SELF? Is the world SELFie truly applicable, does the image you are showing really give any insight into yourself? 

We want to go beyond promoting healthy self-image, beyond healthy body image, we want to promote a healthy mind.  We want to rid the importance of exterior image and help people to use their true eye to see people, not see the world through the blurred glasses that society has framed around our eyes.

We want to educate the world about SELF love, true self love.  We want to awaken the dormant potential that lies sleeping within each and everyone of us.