Magical Detox

Magic Detox

I made a huge proclamation at the beginning of this year to go raw for the first 3 months of 2018.  Of course, it lasted about a week.  Like almost everything, everyone goes through the same right? You make a big decision that you are going to develop these new habits, eat better, smile more, do more  yoga, walk more, run, but life just gets in the way. 

Embarking on a detox can be considered as a fad and often is misused as a way of weight loss.  Though weight loss is often a by-product, it is a healing process that has much more depth than just shedding a few pounds.  Our bodies are in a constant ongoing detox, by consciously eliminating certain toxic habits and foods from our lifestyles and diets we clear the way for the natural detoxification to have an easier task and restore the bodies natural healing abilities.

For me, having never had any formal training in nutrition, I like to eat intuitively.  Lets face it, we shouldn’t really have to read books to understand what our bodies need *Note I am not discrediting the work of nutritionists*, it is the deep disconnect from ourselves that has led us to become malnourished.  Over the years as me and my body have gotten to know each other better my perception of what is good for me has become clear.  My body is aware of what makes it feel good and what does not.  This includes a wide variety of things, nutrition goes beyond just the food that we eat.  Because of this and a deep desire to end animal cruelty, I currently eat a whole food plant-based diet.  It works for me.  Most of what I eat is raw, though I am inconsistent.  Since arriving back from India, I have fallen back into some bad habits drinking coffee, eating biscuits, undereating, overeating and eating too much late at night, eating an unreasonable amount of chocolate.  When my eating habits become a little erratic, it is normally when my schedule has also become erratic, suddenly I am forgetting everything, losing everything, life just seems to get a little out of hand.  It is like all the simplest things in life, like eating and sleeping become some dreadfully difficult task. 

We all know that good habits require consistency.  Since I walked more consciously on my life path, my only ever intention has been to raise my energy levels and vibration, to move on a higher frequency and to spread more love.  That is why I practice yoga every day because on the days I do not my prana (vital energy) gets less, that is why I eat foods high with prana because on the days I do not, I vibrate a little lower, I conduct a little less electricity, I fall into a lower space.  When I fall into a lower space how can I expect to uplift and move those around me?

I am hoping to give you an insight into why I like to move into certain disciplines and why statements like ‘if you want the cake just have the cake’ are not always applicable in our lives.  And I am not just talking about cake.  Some people do not agree with fasting, or with being vegan, that’s cool – you do you.  For me I have experienced the power of these things, I know how clear my brain feels, how well my body functions, and the deep clarity in my soul. 

Where are you going with this Beck?

Detoxing encourages a shift, detoxing supports a shift. I am ready for a shift, for clearing the path to new ideas and creating space for movement and growth in my life. 

Being that it was the beginning of lent yesterday and today is a new moon, I have decided to embark on a 40 day detox.  A detox not only within the foods that I am eating but also a life cleanse.  For as long as I can remember (and I cannot remember much), I have been disorganised and forgetful – that’s just Beck.  I also used to be lazy and unfit, that was just Beck.  If there is one thing that I have become aware of over the past 5 years it is that at any time we can recreate ourselves, stop rewriting bad habits back into your story.  If I want to be Beck who is always on time, super-efficient and has a great memory and always has her meals prepared, then I can be that Beck right? If I want to be the Beck that embraces each and every part of herself and never for a second doubts herself, I can also be that Beck right? If I want to help other human beings to also recognise their power I guess it is mandatory that I connect with my own. 

We shall see …

What will this detox mean?

On a dietary level:

Foods avoided

Sugar, Caffeine, Alcohol, wheat, anything processed, soy based products etc. 

(obviously meat and dairy but that goes without saying)

Foods eaten

Fruit, Vegetables, Legumes, Nuts (limited), Seeds, Herbal teas, A lot of water

What will my days look like?

I wake up at 4.30 and meditate and then I teach from 6-8am, 8-10 I practice.  90% Raw foods, a lot of water, a lot of yoga, I have recently started training twice a week too.  My first food of the day will be a juice or a smoothie and I will be eating between the hours of 10 and 6, fasting on Sundays. Doesn’t this sound fun?

Alongside all of this I will be incorporating a daily meditation 15-30 minutes per day, this detox is 90% for my mind, right now I am seeking some clarity for where to move forward in life, I guess at a crossroads looking for some answers and I know those answers are not at the bottom of a rich tea soaked cup of tea or a bottomless pit of odd socks.

There will be a variety of practices that I will be including, the plan is not set out as such, the inner voice will send me some guidance I guess.  I shall make sure to keep you updated with all cleansing practices.

Do you feel like you need a clearer mind? A reset?

I would love for you to join me.  I will offer as much support and advice as I can, like I said I am no expert – just your average little human trying to be a magical light being. 

Lets strip back the mess and get back to being magical.

Eternal love.


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