Prana Vashya

Prana Vashya Intensive Course

What is Prana vashya?

Prana Vashya is a 90-minute vinyasa based sequence where our main focus is the breath.
Prana means vital energy and Vashya means the control of. This practice leaves you feeling
rejuvenated and without pain and injury when practiced mindfully and with focus. Though it is a
challenging sequence you truly reap the benefits throughout life.

“Pranayama is such an essential part of yoga, I focused on its relationship to performing the asana and discovered that the
asana actually follows the breath and not the other way around if done properly with full awareness. Prana Vashya follows
the breath instead of following the movement and maintains the rhythm of the breath throughout the practice. Through
breath control, Prana Vashya keeps the attention fixed on the asana, not allowing the mind to wander. Utilizing
Kumbhakas (breath locks) in certain movements while performing asana and vinyasa has a very powerful and dynamic
effect that develops intense stamina Physically, Physiologically and Psychologically. This developed capacity can be drawn
from the mat and taken into life.”
A quote from Vinay Kumar (pictured) the founder
of Prana Vashya and my humble teacher.

This course is run on a 4 week basis, 5 Days a week Monday – Friday

Why 4 weeks?

Due to the intensive and progressive nature of Prana Vashya, we only accept people on a 4 week basis, with
no off days. The reason for this is that the full benefits will not be experienced without the full four weeks completion. Our
asana practice is a basic discipline in our daily routine, which must be implemented daily. It is thought that it takes 21 days
to develop a habit – it is my aim for this to become a regular daily life changing practice for you.

Benefits of Prana Vashya
“Where there is awareness, there is understanding. Where there is understanding, there is
A healthy body and mind is the basic requirement for understanding the self. Hence the focus
is to increase the awareness of the capacities of these two distinct entities thus developing control
over them. Prana Vashya Yoga aims to direct this consciousness towards Prana or the self through a process of Asana
(postures) to the body and Pranayama (breath) to the mind.

Psychological benefits:-The Basic focus of Prana Vashya Yoga is to strengthen the nervous system through the powerful
influence of breath which helps the practitioner to remain calm in any stressful situation in his daily life.
Physical benefits:-Prana Vashya Yoga provides equilibrium for the upper and lower body; there is a complete utilization of
the shoulders, hip joints, thigh muscles, calf muscles, and hamstrings which help build and maintain strength and
stamina in the legs. Prana Vashya is distinguished by its unique approach to flow and balance. The flow is slow, deliberate,
and deep, and the body is trained evenly along its front, back and transverse lines. This approach trains the body equally
in strength, balance and flexibility while calming the mind and nervous system.
Physiological benefits:-Prana Vashya ensures saturated physiological response from the body because of the depth to which
the practitioner carries his body through his own efforts to attain perfection in the asana by the techniques tailored for the
Even though the practice seems to be hard in the initial stages, it ensures confidence and energy saturation as the
practitioner gets accustomed to.

The Sequence:

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