Self Love Practices

Self Love Practices.

In life, I have spent a lot of time hating myself, and when I say hating I truly mean hating.

Me, myself and I have had a very turbulent relationship.

We have said horrible and hurtful things to each other, we have not treated our self with respect, we have not known love.

Don’t feel bad for me, we cool now.

This will be an ongoing theme in my posts and blogs, the main reason being – I know that I am not alone in this.  I am after all, another you.  I recognise this trait in so many people, I see this lack of love for oneself.  Right now, I will not divulge too deeply into the ins and outs of this, I will just say that I am growing now and my main passion in life is to help you to do the same.

To recognise your true beauty, your true SELF, to recognise that you are love itself.

The journey isn’t all that easy darlings, but it is much much easier that waking up and feeling uncomfortable in your own skin every single day.  What I have found is there are a hell of a lot of statements telling you to love yourself, nothing though is teaching us how.

That is all I will say for now, below I am sharing some self-love practices that I personally use, think of it as relationship counselling with yourself. 

Enjoy the journey <3

Ten self love practices:

1.       Start practicing yoga.  You all knew I was going to say that right?  Yoga is without a doubt in my mind the biggest catalyst for self-love, self-healing and a raise in consciousness.  Yoga is about transformation, about really getting to know yourself.  Honestly this is one of those things that it doesn’t matter how much I tell you the benefits, it will not be until you truly experience it in your own practice that it will all begin to make sense.  Every single class is a journey, even the classes you hate, every single practice is a journey, even the ones you skip.  Yoga works on so many levels, when we talk about the physical practices, it enables you to recognise your bodies abilities and your minds abilities to help you get there.  The biggest thing yoga gives you, in what-ever way you chose to practice it, is a connection with the self – once you make this connection, you cannot help but to love your magical little self.

2.       Go vegan.  Okay you all knew I was going to say that too right? Seriously though, cut out meat – it is fuelled with so much negativity that it is only going to inflict negativity onto your own body and mind.  This is a process, let us just start for now with eat more vegetables, eat more fruits.  Do some research into plant based diets, slowly start to make the transformation. Fruits and vegetables are filled with natural mood enhancers      

3. Read. Read. Read.  Read books, read articles, read blogs, keep your mind focused on positive things.  Read books that are going to expand your mind. Educate yourself to be more empowered. 

4.       Dance.  Put music on in your room and just dance, learn to express yourself.  If you are anything like me this expression of oneself will be behind closed doors, one day I will take it outside though.  Dancing is a movement and especially when you do it in your room you have no pressures around you of how you are supposed to look or following a routine.  Throw in a bit of singing too.


5.       Stop going out with boys/girls that are mean to you.  I am not really down with the ‘nobody can love you until you love yourself’.  I think this is quite detrimental to oneself.  It makes sense yes, I understand where the concept is coming from but let us just forget about that.  It is not your fault if a partner is not nice to you, that just where that person is at.  It is your responsibility however to recognise that this person is not enhancing your life and you need to move on.  Cut the opposite sex out for a while, it will not kill you. I am speaking to the singles here – they my homies. If you are in a relationship the same applies, try not to be dependent upon your partner. Which brings me to my next point.

6.       Do things alone, go the cinema, go to India, go the park, go in the next room.  Go where ever you need to go to have a little bit of solitude, quite often the emotions we are feeling are not even our own but created by the energies of those around us.  Have a little me time.

7.       Journal.  Write.  Honestly it does not matter what you are writing, just write.  Get a diary, write as soon as you wake up or before you go to bed.  You will start to understand yourself more through this practice.

8.       Mirror talks.  Look in the mirror and just say nice things to yourself, this is probably one of the hardest.  I often go between ‘you are so beautiful’ and ‘no you are not beck why the eff are you doing this’, and then I repeat it again, until eventually normally I just laugh at myself, which is a form of love right?

9.       Smile more.  I have never been a big smiler, in fact if you know me well I still don’t think I really am, I am working on it though.  I remember when I first ever taught a yoga class, and seeing everybody’s smiling faces looking at me was honestly one of the most magical moments in my life.  There is not one person in the world who does not look better when they are truly smiling from the heart, your smile is an extension of your soul, so when you smile it is your soul that people see, not your teeth or the way your nose looks weird. 

10.   What to write for ten, be easy with yourself beautiful people.  Sleep more, do more things that you enjoy.  Try to not put too much pressure onto yourself, I have to repeat that – do not put pressure onto yourself.  Avoid stress, where possible.  Like I said it’s a process, if one day you wake up and you think ‘okay I don’t love myself today’ (or some negative thoughts) do one of the practices, one of my favourites is to just close my eyes and smile for five minutes.  Create a positive environment for yourself I know it seems so cliché but it is true, unfollow anybody who is not having a positive impact in your life, both on social media and in real life, stop watching TV, as I am writing point number ten so many more things are coming to me! I think though this will summarise, stop doing things that don’t make you feel good about yourself.  This doesn’t mean to say that for every waking moment of your life you are going to feel amazing, there will be ups and downs, create an environment where there are more ups than downs. 

 Work hard at your relationship with yourself. Be gentle. Be kind. Forgive yourself. You are beautiful. You are love.  Do yoga 😉

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