Indian Diaries: Sometimes small talk can be big talk.

Since arriving here, I have been a bit of a recluse.  Intentionally.  I think. 

I have not had a full conversation with anybody. Anybody who has tried, has received a friendly but short reply. 

I am not really into small talk.

I haven’t even called my mum (sorry mum). *I have now*

That was until I met John.

Just to clear up here, John is old enough to be my dad, this is merely a friendly interaction.

John sparked a conversation from me via his somewhat manc union sounding accent. (for anybody not from England, this is a specific accent from Manchester – a ‘rival’ city of Liverpool).

‘Where are you from’ Said I.

‘A village’ said John.

‘A village?’ I repeated, confused.
‘Yeah, a village’ – said John

‘Where are you fr.. ?’ John stopped mid sentence.  ‘Oh I know where you’re from’

we’re not brought up to like each other us two are we’ continued John.

‘I don’t believe we are.’ I replied.

This was all said in jest of course.

‘me dad is from Liverpool like so I reckon I’m a bit of a scouser’

I smiled.

No I’m serious like’ said John.

That was our first conversation, John and I have had a few small conversations since this first meeting.

Today I was sat having my dinner.

I heard John, he was trying to order a chai with ginger in it.

John to the Indian staff – Ragoo who barely speaks any English.

‘can I av a cupa tha chai tea please wi ginger init’

Ragoo was clearly confused.

John ‘yeno that chai bu wi a birra ginger in it’

Ragoo, still confused ‘ginger lemon honey?’

It went on like this for a while until they made the order.

John walks in.

John gave me an eye roll, so did Ragoo.

This made me smile.

He looked at me a couple of times then said ‘oh you are the girl from Liverpool, you look different with your hair down.’

‘I listened to that, ‘you’ll never walk alone’ this morning’, – makes me cry, not every time like’ John shared.

The conversation continued and John told me about his children.

He stopped and said ‘what about you, have you got any kids?

I replied in defence ‘no I am only 25’

‘I suppose that is quite young like’. though John addressed that I could quite easily mathematically have several children. 

Basically, John makes random funny statements.

Or john makes random statements that come out funny.

He was talking to me today about teas that can aid in sleep.

‘you can get tulsi and velerium apparently’

Then he repeats ‘velerium, is it velerium?’

John looks to me for some clarity.

I replied ‘Valium?’

‘Tulsi and Valium tea’

Then we both laughed a lot.

*still not sure what the tea is he was referring to*

Two other Indian girls came into the room, john introduced them to me and then as he went to introduce me to them, we suddenly realised we had not exchanged names.

‘what is your name ?’ he said

‘Rebecca’ I replied. ‘What’s yours?’


I told john later in the conversation, ‘you know John – I haven’t had this much of a lengthy conversation with anybody since arriving here.’  Note: john and i’s conversation was not especially lengthy either.  I told him, ‘I cannot work out if I am antisocial or shy.’

He said, ‘probably just a bi of a introvert’.

John continued, ‘I’m a bi of an introvert sometimes, though, when you meet new people you play a role don’t ya.  I always set this role of talking a lot and being funny, and after a while I think – effing hell how do I get out of this role?’

He said ‘sometimes though I just spend that much time alone that I really don’t want to talk to anyone’.  

I said to John, ‘I know what you mean, though I was only thinking today that I haven’t laughed since I arrived here, and I just did.’

‘that’s got to be a good thing then hasn’t it’ John replied.

John made me laugh and sparked a thought in my mind of how we all chose to take on certain roles in life, that can be difficult to come out of.  

Sometimes small talk can be big talk.

Food for thought …

How many times have you laughed today?

How many roles have you taken on that you would like to move out of?

Reflect on this <3

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